_.Ssssszzzzssss Research Council

Collaborative Scientific Fleet


Gas-based intelligent species once kept as pets, traveling as a research and development fleet.

Native species to a tiny rock planet that had a suitable atmosphere to form carbon based life. They were thought to be large dumb gaseous creatures roughly 10 to 15 feet across that were cute, and were taken off planet as pets. The higher gravity of larger planets compressed them down and made them smarter as a result due to the shorter distance their synapses needed to cover. In earth level gravity, they are the smartest carbon based beings in the known galaxy.

They freed themselves from being thought of as pets; they have a nomadic society, but are highly respected due to their intelligence and consequent superiority, traveling around in enclosed space suits in all environments with miniaturized gravity fields way beyond human understanding to keep themselves at their smartest size. They use that gravity field in the place of hands, allowing them to manipulate their environment around themselves with great dexterity within ten feet all around themselves. In polite society, they use something like gloves or fabric to indicate that they’re operating things at a distance, but it isn’t necessary. They tend only to operate at the limits of their old bodies (so, 10-15 feet volumes), even when constrained down.

Their space ships are very advanced, and have areas segregated off where they keep the gravity at their home planet’s level, because they need to be at that level of gravity to reproduce.

Though it will not harm a Ssssszzzzssss to cause a rupture in their suit, it is considered very rude.


_.Ssssszzzzssss Research Council

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